Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Object Oriented Programing Concepts Unity C#


  • Object is a self contained component. it contains properties and methods need to make a certain type of data useful
  • Class is a blue print/ prototype/ set of instruction to build a specific type of data useful.
  • Inheritance enables new objects to take on the properties of existing object.
  • Encapsulation is about Hiding complexity. or
  • Encapsulation is a process of hiding irrelevant data from the user.
  • Polymorphism - The ability to define more then one function with single name.
  • Overriding is a technique of redefining an inherited method.  or
  • Overriding is a practice of changing of parent class method in a child class.
  • Overloading is a process which we can give a single method with multiple definition.
  • Interface - An interface is a collection of method declaration that allows unrelated objects to communicate with each other.
    1. Interface can contains methods, properties, events, indexers or any combination of those 4 member types
    2. Interface can not contains constants, fields, Operators, instance constructors 

Object Oriented Programing Concepts Unity C#
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